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Animalia | Book Cover. YA Fantasy novel
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On an icy peninsula in Norway, there is a school where select students from around the world are taught the secrets of the Victorian-era world.

The school's programs are:

Apothecary – for pharmacists

Warbringer – for warriors

Machinist – for inventors

Artisan – for artists

Animalia – for animalists

Thirteen-year-old Sunday Gråe wants to follow in her late father's footsteps and become Animalia – the way of working with animals' unique abilities that is taught only at the prestigious and secretive Svalbard School. Sunday's dreams come true when she is admitted, but the school is more dangerous than she thought. The Animalia students are mysteriously going missing... and she could be next. 

The Golden Compass meets Enola Holmes in this middle grade fantasy and mystery. Light fantasy elements paint an alternate Victorian era that features students from all around the world working toward altruistic goals (conservation, art, justice, innovation, health, etc) and takes a grounded approach to a universal magic we've all felt in our everyday lives – connection to animals and the natural world. 

Ages 11 +

330 pages

Young Adult / Fantasy / World

Young Adult / Fantasy / Mystery

Young Adult / Fantasy / Steampunk



ISBN (paperback): 9798988045809

ISBN (ebook): 979-8-9880458-1-6

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Rated by readers, for young readers, on a scale of 0 - 10.

Language: 0 (None).  Expressions are generally considered not offensive.

Sexual Content: 0 (None).

Violence: 3.  Conflict includes fighting, punching, and avoiding capture.

Drugs:  4.  Prescription drugs and general pharmaceuticals are part of the larger plot of the story.

Psychological Suspense: 6. Protagonist has nightmares, including confusion and grief.

General Threat: 4. Protagonist faces threats and risk.


Content ratings

About Shauna

Shauna C Murphy

Shauna C. Murphy is a producer and writer of young adult and middle grade content. She is a researcher of children's fiction-based imaginary paradigms and has extensively studied children's imaginary worlds, the psychology behind fantasy, and the corresponding best practices for commercial storytelling. 

Shauna is passionate about helping others understand the benefits of imagination and empathy, and how fictional worlds can help us become more resilient, more compassionate individuals.


Nov. 17

Book Signing at

Metro Entertainment

4:30 p.m.

Santa Barbara, CA

Nov. 25

Book Signing and Celebration at

River Roasters

2:00 p.m.

Florence, OR

Mar. 28

Author Talk at

Paulina Springs Books

6:30 p.m.

Bend, OR

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We take the guess-work out of our stories by disclosing any sensitive content through our content ratings, ahead of time. We believe content transparency is part of informed consent, and a helpful tool for those who cultivate libraries and book lists. It is also a useful way for readers to practice mindful media selection.


We believe in a definition of responsibility that puts readers first. We aim to frame content in a way that is both accessible and responsible.


The best things in life inspire wonder, awe, and gratitude. We believe in producing media that inspires agency in life's various problems, and a sense of hope in even the most mundane of situations.

Shauna C Murphy

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