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Animalia House Quiz

Keep track of which letter you select as your answer. There is a key at the end of the quiz which will tell you which house you belong in!

Which Svalbard House will you be in?

Every Svalbard House thinks and responds differently. Try to be honest, how would you react in these situations?


You see someone injured on the side of the road, their wagon is broken, they have been robbed! You:

A)  Whoever attacked this person could still be nearby. I have to check the area before I give the stranger a ride into town.

B)  His wagon can be fixed easily enough. His injuries don't look so bad. If I fix the wagon he can take care of himself.

C)  Assess the damage and the wounds on this person. Perhaps there is a way to stop the bleeding and bring him into my carriage so he isn't laying on the side of the road.

D)  I will try to reassure this person emotionally and calm them down, the nearest town is a short distance, I will tell someone there to help the stranger.

E)  Things are not always what they seem. This person could be staging something to try and trap me. I will be cautious, and listen to what they say, first. I might leave him there.


It's your birthday!  To celebrate, you:

A)  Go watch your favorite sports in person, with those front-row seats.

B)  You've made a catapult rig out of metal, you want to test it on your little brother. 

C)  Your cousin owns a special teahouse, overlooking the mountains. You take a few friends there and sample all the different flavors, analyzing them. You make a list of your favorite flavors.

D)  The local museum wants to present you with an award to honor your creative legacy on your birthday. You humbly, gratefully accept.

E)  You want to go to your favorite place alone in the mountains, first. You catch the sunrise there, and watch the world wake up. You'll see your friends later that day.


Your friends invite you to a concert you're not interested in. You don't want to go. You:

A)  Go anyway. They've shown up for you, it's good to repay the favor and make the most of it.

B)  Make up an excuse. Other things are a priority. You can't waste your time, they'll understand.

C)  Be honest and decline the offer, even if it seems harsh. Besides, you're busy, and other people depend on your care, they need you.

D)  Go, but while there, stray off into your own world and do your own thing. You might get up and find the gardens and meet some interesting people there.

E)  You might go, but if you do, it's for your own reasons. And you'll arrive separately and leave on your own time.


A local fireworks show is taking place tonight. The most impressive thing about it is:

A)  The way they've organized the people below – they fire off these things in perfect coordination.

B)  The mechanics of the firework – they are built to explode at exactly the right time in the air.

C)  It's pretty, but it's a health hazard when the sparks hit the ground. It's highly flammable and toxic.

D)  The colors are incredible! Totally inspiring!

E)  The culture, the people who have gathered together. The friends, the celebration of it all.


You're on vacation in Rome with your distant relatives, but all they want to do is dine out. You:

A)  Have to break away so you can explore the history of the place. The Roman Empire. The Colosseum!

B)  Find an excuse to go somewhere quiet, where you can continue working on your latest idea.

C)  Dining out and assessing food can be great as long as the dishes and locations are sublime.

D)  You have to go to the museums and see the art. You go out dancing; you might make a few friends.

E)  You don't want to travel around all day. You'd rather go where the locals go and understand the true culture of the place.


You broke your ankle during a game and are sick in bed. You think about how:

A)  This will be over soon. It's not a big deal. I'll take it like a champ.

B)  You can't stop ruminating over what happened to you, the person who broke your ankle, how you could've done things differently. What you will do next time to fix it. This should never happen again.

C)  I am the only one who truly knows how to care for me.  The kindness of others is appreciated but they don't know what's best for my health the way I do. Not really.

D)  When people visit me, I do start to feel better. Just a few people though, not too many. I'm going to use this opportunity to work on my creative project, even though I can't move.

E)  It doesn't matter, really.  It's nothing.


Everyone is standing around, critiquing a misshapen sculpture: You think:

A)  It's not bad, it's just incomplete. It's missing a few things.

B)  What artist would make this and not finish? Ridiculous.

C)  This doesn't really matter as much as the people who depend on my advice.

D)  I can do better, easily. I can sculpt something twice as good!

E)  I like it how it is. I wouldn't like it better if it was different, necessarily. 


Look at your results.


If the majority of your score is:

 You are War-Bringer

B –  You are Machinist

C – You are Apothecary


D – You are Artisan


E –  You are Animalia

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