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Get the book that will be your new wintertime favorite!

On sale for a limited time.


For every book ordered (through this website) we will donate a portion of our proceeds to Food Backpacks for Kids, and Operation Underground Railroad. 


On an icy peninsula in Norway, there is a school where select students from around the world are taught the secrets of the Victorian-era world.

The school's programs are:

Apothecary – for pharmacists

Warbringer – for warriors

Machinist – for inventors

Artisan – for artists

Animalia – for animalists

Thirteen-year-old Sunday Gråe wants to follow in her late father's footsteps and become Animalia – the way of working with animals' unique abilities that is taught only at the prestigious and secretive Svalbard School. Sunday's dreams come true when she is admitted, but the school is more dangerous than she thought. The Animalia students are mysteriously going missing... and she could be next. 


Animalia (paperback)

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